Getting Out and About in Victoria

This past week, I attended the monthly lunch of the Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN).  For about two hours, eighty women meet to network, break bread and hear some awesome speakers.  This month, Lisa Edwards of Ideography gave us a great process for putting together amazing presentations, and Frederique Philip of Sooke Harbour House  described how the award winning hotel and restaurant became what it is now from its humble beginnings of a B&B.

One of the things I most enjoy is meeting my table mates.  This month Mandy Kray of Walk Abouts Historical Tours was sitting next to me.  As indicated in a previous post, my husband and I vacationed in Victoria for many years before making it our home.  Chatting with Mandy reminded me how much I miss being a tourist in Victoria.  From the lights in the inner harbour, to the visiting the float homes in Fisherman’s Wharf, coffee and dessert at Ogden Point and staying at Dashwood Manor on Dallas Road.  Because we are surrounded by the wonder of the mountains and ocean each day, do we become complacent or are we so busy with operating our businesses, dealing with our responsibilities at home, that we don’t take the time to appreciate we live in Canada’s prettiest City (in my opinion!).

As the holiday season approaches, I would like to encourage each of you to take time and enjoy something that Victoria has to offer:

We can be the best ambassadors of our City when we are excited about where we live.  Promoting our City is the best way to encourage growth and build our businesses!

I am Colleen from Security House Accounting Services. Give us your books – Take back your life!

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