Make a List

For a lot of years, I have been known as the “Queen of Lists”.  There is something that is extremely satisfying about checking off an item on a list when it is complete.  Lists play an important part of my day. I find they de-clutter my mind and identify the priority items.

As small business owners, we are constantly juggling competing priorities.  These priorities can be overwhelming and it is easy to procrastinate and ignore the commitments and responsibilities.  I find if these items are written down and then checked off when complete, it makes what was overwhelming now manageable.

So here are a few tips to get started on your own “to do list”:

  • Start with a clean paper, word document or page in a book
  • Note everything that is on your mind however small it may be – the point is to document everything so it is not cluttering your mind
  • Break down the large tasks to smaller processes
  • Go through the list and identify the items that are important to the operation of your business
  • Within those important items, hi-lite those tasks that are urgent or have a due date
  • Start with the urgent items and address the tasks that can be completed quickly, always remembering to check off the completed items

Ideally a “to do list” should be made at the end of the day (or week). That way you are ready to attack that list the moment you start your day (or new week).

There are many e-solutions for the “to do list”.  Microsoft Outlook has a ‘tasks manager’, and there is also ‘Remember the Milk’ or ‘Todoist’.

I am Colleen from Security House Accounting Services. Give us your books – take back your life!

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