Important Dates for Tax Season

This week we received a few calls from folks about preparing their 2012 personal income tax returns.   Canada Revenue Agency has made it mandatory for all tax preparation professionals to EFILE returns for 2012.  The EFILE “desk” does not start accepting returns until 8am February 11th 2013 EST.

Here are a few important dates for the upcoming tax season:

  • February 11th - Tax returns for 2012 can now be EFILE’d
  • February 28th  - T4/T5 must be mailed to recipients
  • March 1st  – Last day for RRSP contributions for 2012
  • March 15th - 1st quarterly instalment is due
  • March 31st -  T3 must be mailed to recipients
  • April 30th – Last day to file your income tax return & Self-employed persons and their spouses must pay any balance owing to avoid interest.
  • June 15th - Last day for self-employed persons to file their 2012 tax return & 2nd quarterly instalment is due

Once you have received all your slips, please give the office a call to set a time to drop off your information or for us to pick it up.

I am Colleen from Security House Accounting Services.  Give us your books – take back your life!

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