An Evening Remembered…

Friday February 1 2013 was the opening event for the first annual yoga conference held at the Victoria Conference Centre.  The opening evening presentation included both Danielle LaPorte and Gabrielle Bernstein.  About 350 women enjoyed a very interactive evening with these very down to earth women.

Gabrielle introduced us to her book, May Cause Miracles, a surprise gift when we arrived at the venue.  After having a rather unsettling day, her approach to life gave me an “ah ha” moment.  Just let the bad feelings go and let love in.  Sometimes easier said than done, but, I am going to really work hard at it.

Danielle launched her latest project, The Desire Map, in early December.  This is a new and improved approach to goal setting or rather feeling setting.  I have been a fan of Danielle’s from hearing her credo for making it happen.  In the early days of being in business I almost chanted “you will figure it out, you will figure it out!”.  If you have not seen this video clip, please visit her website (

The majority of the evening was spent with the audience asking these ladies questions and getting real responses.  We even enjoyed a period of meditation.  During this meditation a very clear picture of Salt Spring Island came to me.  May be it is time for a visit!

I would like to thank Carolyn Taylor of 24 Carrot Learning for bringing these ladies to our beautiful city!

I am Colleen from Security House Accounting Services.  Give us your books – Take back you life!

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